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When it comes to SEO, choosing a local company in Exeter has its benefits. Hiring professionals like us, who are familiar with the area and understand the local market can be advantageous for your business. But what exactly are these benefits?

Firstly, by choosing a local company, you will have easy access to face-to-face meetings with your SEO team. This allows for better communication and understanding of your business goals and needs. As a result, the SEO team can tailor their strategies specifically for your target audience in Exeter.

Another advantage is that local companies have a better understanding of the local market and competition. They are knowledgeable about the common search habits and trends specific to Exeter, allowing them to implement effective SEO techniques using long tail keywords that will attract potential customers in the area.

Moreover, working with a local company for SEO in Exeter means you will receive regular reports and updates on your website's performance. This level of transparency and communication is crucial for businesses to track the progress of their SEO campaigns and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Additionally, hiring a local company supports the growth of the local economy. By investing in a local business, you are indirectly contributing to the success and development of your community. This also creates a stronger sense of accountability and reliability as the company has a reputation to uphold within their local network.

In conclusion, choosing a local company for SEO in Exeter not only benefits your business but also supports the economy and builds strong relationships with professionals in your community. So if you want to engage with the most customers locally call Simply Digital for your SEO in Exeter.

Why Is SEO Important?

When you have a new online presence, SEO is important due to the impact it can have. For instance, there will be an improvement on the traffic you get visiting your site. The more potential customers on your site, the more recognised your business will be to search engines, therefore your online ranking will naturally be higher. Clear content is important for excellent customer experience, so making sure you have relevant keywords will mean your site is easier to find, therefore encouraging visitors to find what they’re looking for in a simple way. When done properly, SEO will help immensely, especially as your business grows and flourishes the more interest it gets. Improving as it grows will keep your target audience interested for longer, boosting your online ranking further, therefore catching the eye of more potential customers and keeping your business booming,. Call us today to start getting your website found on Google using our SEO service in Exeter.

How To Spot A Scam

When you are creating a website in Devon there are certain factors you have to think about to keep your customers feeling safe, such as ensuring your website is secured when they click the link. Sites that begin with ‘https://’ along with a lock symbol are generally safe to enter. Strong encryption will help to fight back against potential hackers, keeping data safe. A customer will often check contact details and reviews before purchasing anything. Ensuring you have plenty of choice for contact (such as email, an address, phone number or live chat) will give peace of mind, as often scammers will be hard to contact. If there are no reviews or social media activity, then this can be a concern, particularly if the website has many errors grammatically. This can often indicate it has been created quickly for the intent of scamming. The domain name needs to be checked properly before clicking on any links, as quite often they use similar names to an existing site with a slight spelling change.

Legit websites have to follow a privacy policy with data protection regulations, that gives the customer the option to read a detailed document regarding this. If they are not sure about a site they want to visit, then this should be checked before buying anything. If someone isn’t a hundred percent comfortable with the site, then they should look elsewhere. Unfortunately sometimes ads can pop up on sites that are accidentally clicked. If this is the case, then a virus scan will put their mind at rest. Remember if you are considering enlisting an SEO Company in Devon, make sure they are part of the website development of your website from the beginning, in this way they can make sure the website will contain all the important keyword search terms for Devon and your locality.

Competitive Research

We undertake this method as it is very fast and helps you get buy-in from other similar websites as they will recognize parts of your work that they're going to be presenting in their output. It's also very beneficial to building these strong connections with them as they'll be able to see how you're going to present your work. We can get this done in just a day or two depending on how long it takes to get the information from other departments.

One of the first steps that we should take is to check an audience research tool. For instance, by presenting your work in an online setting, such as Moz's True Competitor.

We also make sure that we have the necessary overlap between two lists. For instance, if we have a list that says that your competitors are your local competitors, then we make sure that the list in your tool says it is your competitors also overlaps.

Why Should You Use Compressed Images?

When you have a new business, you want to ensure any visitors to your website get the customer experience they're looking for. They will want to scroll through your site with ease, with quick loading and the right information. However potential customers can be put off a page, just from loading time. This is usually due to the amount of space taken up by images. Images are important in media as they show your customers an idea of what you're selling, but making sure you have the correct loading time is important too. Having a page that loads slowly (particularly for those with a slower connection) can be frustrating and many will click off the page within a few seconds, particularly mobile users. This could affect your SEO position, due to the bounce rate. Google's algorithm also takes into account site speed, so ensuring your website is up to date is important.

In order to improve website speed, you could consider resizing any images you use. Unfortunately, many photos can vary in sizes depending on what you use to take them and the data that builds up could overwhelm the site, therefore creating the slow loading time. Even just one picture with a large file size can push the page over a data limit. Compressing your images and therefore reducing the size will allow it to stay on the page, without using as much data. It is true that image compression can decline the quality, but loading time can be the difference between someone looking through the site, or ignoring it and moving on. Call us for all your SEO in Torquay and Exeter.

Pay Per Click Advertising Advantages

Due to the strange couple of years we have had, you may find that the business world is unpredictable and the need to keep things afloat integral. By using PPC advertising, it will give beneficial results straight away. Once it is set up, you will find your target audience will have their interest piqued. Any visitors that come by will instantly be engaged by your content and conversions will rise, improving the website traffic. Having the right marketing is important, in order to get interest for your business. Due to competition, you should ensure you get the right advertising in line. PPC is beneficial in that it highlights your brand, pushing it to the right audiences in a calculated way, whilst keeping it to your budget. PPC can have a limit, which means you won’t get surprise bills.

You may find that PPC will help you to secure a target audience, but if that person is a regular visitor, PPC retargeting might help. By sparking their interest from their initial search, PPC retargeting will allow the ads to turn up on different websites as they carry on looking, so if they want to have another look then they can. As your business grows, so will the interest, keeping your website fresh and relevant. Call us for Free SEO advice in Torquay.

The Importance Of Transition Words In SEO

Transition words are words that have excellent content, which has information and important keywords throughout. It is crucial that the content you use is readable and flows naturally in paragraphs and sentences. It will help any readers to understand the content involved.

One example of a transition word can be read in sentences such as ‘consequently’ or ‘therefore’. This shows whoever is reading that this is an outcome of a previous informative sentence. Therefore, the sentence is linked and flows properly. It is important your content can be read properly, as this will boost your chance of a higher ranking on a search engine.

Luckily we tend to use transition words in everyday content, without realising it. However, if you are aware of these words now, you can improve how you use them, without over doing it. With practice you should be able to improve the sentences you do, as well as your overall website content. For more information on SEO in Exeter, call us on 01392 409357.

How To Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

You've started your new business with the right SEO and everything is going well. But you may feel there is more you could do. One thing that people think about is the environment and how they can do their part to help. There are small things around your work space you can do. For instance, even just changing the mode on your computer can help. By putting your laptop or PC on a reduced-power setting during an inactive time, it will save energy when dormant. If you wish to turn it back on, you can just tap on a key. You could also make it a habit to turn off your appliances at the end of the day.

Another way to save energy is to take advantage of natural light in your work space, something that is also good for your health. By flooding your space with sunlight, you can save money on electricity. Repainting the walls, a bright, light colour will give the ambience a calmer upplight, as well as making the room feel bigger. But light will also be reflected around the room by doing this. If you do need to use lights, then motion sensor lights are a good choice, as they will only turn on when needed so won't need turning off. You could also consider using an eco-friendly energy company.

If you make a sale and need to send an invoice, going digital is a great way to save paper. Internet banking and apps are common now, so going paperless would be a next step. There are a number of ways to become more eco-friendly in your new business and even the smallest change can help overall. Call today or visit us for pricing on all our eco friendly websites in Exeter.

How Has Lockdown Affected SEO?

During this pandemic, changes were made to lives and careers that we weren’t expecting. Many things that changed actually became permanent, due to becoming long term additions. SEO experts are in the same boat, getting used to new challenges during this strange time. However, on the plus side, businesses have realised the advantages of using SEO. SEO interest on Google Search increased at the start of the pandemic to extremely high levels which remain, whilst businesses are trying to keep their company relevant and afloat.

Due to lives changing over this last year, people have been searching for different things and interests. Businesses can give new content to their customers, that will grab their attention. You need to understand what your audience wants and watch out for new trends to keep ahead of what’s happening.

During the pandemic, people have been shopping online a lot more regularly. You may find it a good idea to open an e-commerce shop, as it will likely bring a lot more customers in. Keeping up with your Google My Business account will help potential customers find you and keep your business running. You should also make sure all your Covid19 information is up to date with the correct information.

Although it has been a strange time with many changes, the importance of SEO is clearer, particularly for local businesses. SEO is crucial for small businesses who want to be an online presence, especially now everyone is using the internet more than ever. If you need SEO in Exeter, call us on 01392 409357.

New Simple Keyboard Shortcut for Google Search

Did you know that Google introduced a new shortcut recently which makes it simple to go back to the search box? If you are on the homepage you may see a pop-up saying ‘Press / to jump back to the search box’. If you are scrolling through results from a search and you wish to look for something else quickly, you can do this and it won’t scroll you back up to the start, losing your place.

Google is efficient in helping us locate what we want on page one and quite often we don’t have to scroll through hundreds of results. However, it is still a useful feature to have, particularly if you have a laptop and don’t use a mouse. Not having to move a relatively slow pointer means you save time from a simple click of the ‘/’ key, which will make your search experience a lot less stressful, especially if you’re in a rush. For more hacks and Website prices in Poole call Simply Digital.

Why Is Voice Search Important In 2021?

If you’re a business owner, you should think about the benefits of using voice search. Your priority should be how useful it would be for your clients and how much time it would save them. The AI of a voice search would not only help a customer find your business online, but more importantly the information would be correct, without being demanding. This means any information you supply needs to be presented correctly and simple for the technology to differentiate.

A couple of ways how you can optimise voice search are:
Long-tail keywords. By developing around natural voice patterns you will find customers find it easier to search for what they want. Most customers will use longer questions in their queries, rather than just key words. This can help voice searches tell if it’s relevant.

Google My Business. Make sure this is up to date, as if any information is wrong the voice search won’t be able to direct a customer simply. Local SEO needs to be able to improve searches. Other suggestions are adding rich media to your site, such as videos and articles.

Although voice searching still may seem like a novelty, it’s best to be tech savvy in 2021 and help give your business a boost for the modern day. Call Simply Digital for advice on SEO in Devon.

Google’s News Showcase

Google has recently introduced the News Showcase product which gives individualised content to UK users. It will help them follow a publisher, whilst suggesting more. Google has registered over 120 UK publications (both locally and nationally), who they are giving payment to licence their work.

‘Google News and Discover’ will include content from publishers such as The Independant, The Telegraph and many more. This product will also allow people to choose what they read without extra payment, as a lot of content is normally hidden in a paywall. This will ensure a lot more publications are on offer, therefore motivating people to subscribe.

New panels are now turning up in ‘Google News’ on mobile internet, Android, and iOS, and will eventually appear in a variety of products. These panels are helping publishers to give key news to the public, whilst expressing themselves and directing readers so they can make their own decisions, discover different news feeds and perhaps find interesting new publishers to follow whilst doing so. For up to the minute information from Google and SEO in Exeter, call Simply Digital today.

Gaming News

Microsoft has released an update that has fixed gaming performance issues that were caused by their previous Windows 10 update (version 1809 KB4482887). Notable issues were mainly graphical errors and mice performing incorrectly. Before the new update rolled out, it was suggested that if users were affected by these problems then they should uninstall that version of Windows and wait for a future update to fix these problems. However, users that don’t often play games did not need to worry about these issues. Now that the new update which fixes these problems is has been released, there is no need for those affected by the previous update to revert to the previous version.

The Xbox Live network by Microsoft is being launched for any IOS and Android game. This will include features such as friend lists, Gamerscore, achievements and more. This is an effort for Microsoft to help combine the community to make a better experience for the gamers.

Limelight Networks recently released a report named “State of Online Gaming”, which showed that there are more gamers in the world this year compared to last year. 4500 people were surveyed from many different countries around the world and were over the age of 18. In 2018, the average gamer would play around 6 hours week, however, in 2019 there has been a significant increase and that gamers will play for around 7 hours in a week. This may not sound like a large increase, but every age group above the age of 18 has increased their time playing video games.

To speak with one of our team about getting your business website highly placed on Google by using the latest SEO tips in Exeter, call us on 01392 409307.

Building News

Health and Safety executives have determined that the death of Thomas Adam Telfer, 31, on the 2nd of June 2015, was caused by a poorly constructed and supported concrete wall falling on him. Capstone Building Ltd has recently been found guilty of breaching health and safety regulations and have been fined £900,000.

A new structure has been built in London which looks like a brain cell, it is named the “Neuron Pod”. It attaches directly to a building, allowing people to enter it. It was developed by Will Alsop and has spins which will illuminate when it is night time.

An old school, Gateway Christian School in Derbyshire Village is set to be auctioned and has been described to be a nice “character home”. It has been given a guide price of £185,000 and contains a 900 square foot main hall, an entrance hall, a kitchen, a cloakroom, toilets, a quiet room/store. It is planned that this will either become 1 large house or split into 2 houses. This school was originally opened in 1989 and was backed by parents who wanted a Christian education for their children, and that they also thought that school classroom sizes at that time were too large. When it opened, it originally only had 6 pupils, but as time went on there were 35 students, all junior, infant or nursery.

Virtual Reality helping to fight fear of heights

The spinout company Oxfordvr is working on an exciting range of treatments to help people with some of their phobias and anxieties.

The company, which is linked to Oxford University and part of the acclaimed Oxford Sciences Innovation group has developed a programme using Virtual Reality to help sufferers overcome their fear of heights.

The clinical trial selected 100 people that had been suffering from a fear of heights for more than thirty years. Half were treated by traditional face to face therapy and half by the new VR Therapy. The results of the VR Therapy were impressive with over 68% reporting a reduction in their fear and when followed up a month later 69% reported they were no longer afraid of heights.

Content marketing is an effective way to market your business, talk to Simply-Digital about attracting more visitors to your website.

Just a click away

Recently published figures show that there are around 4.02 billion people using the internet regularly worldwide. That equates to 53% of the world's population. The majority, 42% are active on social media in one form or another.

Whichever way you look at it the growth in communication via the internet has been huge and shows no sign of slowing down. Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, whether for social purposes or business use.

Whichever way you look at it the growth in communication via the internet has been huge and shows no sign of slowing down. Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, whether for social purposes or business use.

The demise of traditional printed directories means businesses must have an online presence if they want to attract regular enquiries and generate sales, but it's not enough just to have a great looking website. Your website must be coded so that the web crawlers can find your business when someone types in a relevant search time. Search Engine Optimisation is the term used for gaining rankings with all the major search engines such as Google, if your site hasn't been 'optimised' your chances of showing up on the first page of a search result are very low. Choosing a Web Design company that will give you ongoing support and SEO services will make sure your investment is returned many times over.

There are hundreds of Website designers to choose from and most people know someone 'who can build them a website'. This can seem like a good idea, especially if your budget is tight, but it's false economy to put the success of your business in the hands of an amateur who may be full of good intentions but is not committed to supporting you when you need to add a new image or text change. The website may look good but will it produce results? Simply Digital based in Exeter provide a friendly, approachable response to all our clients, new and existing.

Personal Data In The Technological Age

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, data protection has become serious business. The collection of personal data has expanded beyond what anyone could have imagined.

In the technological age, our constant internet connections, fitness trackers and social media attachment is making collecting our personal data easier, which is increasingly being exploited by corporations and governments.

These data collectors try to convince us of an easier, more convenient lifestyle, taking in our characteristics, behaviours and relationships however the risk of misuse is a major concern.

The political firm Cambridge Analytica is a prime example of personal information being misused as they obtained political opinions of over 50 million Facebook users in attempt to influence voter behaviour in the 2016 US presidential election.

The fear for consumers at this stage, even since the European General Data Protection Regulations act is the quantity of data companies have about us and that data already collected could still be leaked. For example, Acxiom analytics which collects and analyses product purchase data has collected data related to private personal healthcare, even though they have no access to healthcare data.

Privacy does not have to be the inevitable price of technology, in fact technology can enhance privacy better than traditional controls whilst continuing to maintain accuracy of analysis. When thinking about personal data and technology, it is important to frequently review and adapt practices to address new risks and protect your personal data.

To find out more about Social Media services, website security or GDPR, talk to Simply Digital today.

Google at War

Over 3000 of Google's employees have signed a letter asking Google to stop working on a project with the US military.

Labelled 'Project Maven', Google has been working with the military to improve the accuracy of military drone strikes. The head of Google's cloud business has assured employees that the technology would not be used to operate or fly drones, nor would it be used to launch weapons.

Employees have raised concerns that the project could damage Googles morally responsible brand by allowing the Pentagon to use some of its image recognition technologies.

There could however be benefits from the work Google are undertaking alongside the military. The image recognition technology their using is similar to that available to any Google cloud customer and it could apparently be used to save lives and save people from highly tedious work by flagging certain images for human review.

Facebook shares plummet

Facebook shares faced their biggest fall in years from 190 US dollars in January to $150 now, after continuing bad publicity surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal. With the Canadian whistle-blower Christopher Wylie, appearing this week before a UK Parliamentary committee, calls have been made for Mark Zuckerberg to do the same. The committee is asking questions about the misuse of raw data supplied by Facebook, on 50 Million users, to the company Cambridge Analytica, and whether Facebook were aware of how this data was being used in the US presidential campaign and the UK Brexit vote.

Google Answers

Google have started to answer questions on their Search Engine, by using the results to formulate a general answer, which now appears high on their search page. This is what they call "Featured Snippets", a special kind of answer in a box that is machine generated and that is why the Grammar is often not exactly as humans would frame it.

Google have now stated their preference for websites that are HTTPS secure, and have asked for "HTTPS Everywhere" on the internet. They are now actively encouraging every website owner to make the switch by indicating that they are prepared to upgrade every HTTPS website on their Google rankings. Simply Digital website design in Exeter are offering an SSL certificate to all new and existing clients to help improve online security.

New Apple news sources.

Apple news have a huge selection of topics from many sources including news organizations around the world. On your Apple device just choose the ones you want to add to your favourites such as fashion, business, technology or sports. You can then subscribe to some or all of your favourite newspapers directly from your news page allowing you to unlock your existing digital subscriptions automatically.

Microsoft has struck a deal with LinkedIn, the Professional Networking site which is worth $26.2 billion. LinkedIn has over 433 million members and over 7,000,000 active job listings on the site this figure is growing year on year as Companies and users realise the potential of promoting their vacancies and their CV’s on the platform. A recently introduced mobile app has resulted in a significant increase in membership with over 60% of people accessing the site via their mobile.

Microsoft see the potential to improve the way people use the site by integrating their software Office 365 and Dynamics which will allow users to manage their diaries, set up meetings and exchange information with their connections. Creating a professional version of the social network Facebook.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO commented “The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centred on connecting the world’s professionals; together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organisation on the planet.�?

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Simply Digital provide digital online services to many Businesses within the UK, from Sole traders to Medium sized businesses in a variety of different industries.

If your current website is outdated or needs upgrading to mobile friendly, we can help you with a number of alternatives. You may need a company that will update your website for you on a regular basis without charging you each time or need a hosting package that will offer you a full maintenance option, this is something we offer to many of our current customers.

If you do not have a direct link from the First Page of Google to your own website, its unlikely that people searching for your services will find your website, they will probably click on one of those First Page links and end up becoming a customer of your main competitors.

These are some of the many services we offer :-

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Google Adwords is the quickest and best way to get new customers by advertising at the top of each Google search page, however this proves to be an expensive way for many smaller businesses to get calls. Simply Digital provide a simpler and cheaper option called featured ads, where we set up your Google campaign for you and cap your expenditure to a fixed amount. Call us or click the link below for more information.

Don't lose half your customers!

You should now be aware that Google recently made some big changes in the way that it responds to search requests. It now favours those sites that are mobile friendly and promotes them to the top of the search results. Many people will have taken steps to ensure they protect their business and updated their websites to comply with the new search criteria. If you haven't you may have seen a fall off in your site traffic and enquiries, you can read more in this article in the Guardian Newspaper.

The easiest way to find out how your website is performing is to just enter your key words or phrases into your Smartphone or tablets search facility and see what comes up. If you don't get the result you were expecting now would be a good time to think seriously about modifying your website.

Change your site to WordPress or HTML5

The reason these changes were made is due to the rise in usage of Tablets and Smart Phones to browse online, Google recognised that many websites were not mobile friendly and took steps to change this. The best solution to tap into this market is to have your website designed in HTML5 or WordPress. With over 11 years of continual development and an open- source philosophy it's no wonder that WordPress is the most popular website system worldwide. It is extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit your business as it grows. This means your business can confidently move with the times and embrace changing trends.

The website above is built in WordPress, which allows a great deal of flexibility in design and is fully compatible with tablets and Smartphones. You can see some examples of recently built HTML5 and WordPress Websites featured on our website Portfolio page.

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