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How important is your website loading speed?

According to Google it is very important, so much so that they have created a free tool for website owners to test their websites without charge. If you would like to check how fast it is for new visitors' to load your Business website, then visit the Google test page and enter your domain name or click this link to Google.

You can see that Google recommend a load speed of two seconds or quicker, if you require help, then send us an E mail. Probably the easiest way to speed up your website loading time is to have it loaded upon a dedicated private server, reducing waiting times for new and existing visitors, meaning less of them leaving your website and fewer abandoned searches as they wait to navigate your other pages.

SEO services in Exeter

What is Content marketing?

You may have heard of content marketing but are you clear as to how important it is for the success of your website? Content marketing is the term used for attracting quality leads and enquiries 'organically' to your website without paying for online ads to promote your website in Exeter and Devon.

Search Engines can only rank your website on the quality of the information that it finds there, so websites that perform well, will have relevant, informative information describing the goods or services they supply.

Your website is showcasing your business; it is your best opportunity to let people know just what a great Company you are and how your products or services are exactly what they are looking for.

Websites that have detailed information about their Company, their area of expertise and the services they offer will be seen as experts, knowledgeable in their field and will inspire trust and confidence in their potential customers.

Searching online has become more focused, instead of using 2 or 3 words as a search people are now making more specific enquiries using sentences or phrases. Search Engines will instantly crawl thousands of sites looking for a match, if your site has well written, informative content, then it is more likely to be one of those chosen to appear in the first page results. If your site is filled with key words and poor quality content it won't be selected by the search engine so it is unlikely to appear very high in the page rankings.

It is worth spending time to think about your consumer and what they are looking for to help you develop content that will fit their requirements and answer their questions. People are searching for what you offer, they want to find a company like yours, but they also want to be reassured that you can fulfil their needs, that you are reliable and they can trust you to do a good job. Providing this information will make sure you match the search engines criteria which will result in a naturally high page ranking and potentially more sales. If you would like to speak with someone about how content Marketing could help with your website design in Exeter, call Simply Digital today.

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Simply-Digital are an Online Marketing & Website Design Company in Exeter who specialise in Search Engine Optimization. We will try and take the mystery out of Online Marketing by discussing our services in plain English and how we can help you use the Internet to get the best for your business. If you have a Business that requires Online Services, you can speak to well informed staff that will help you get the best from the Internet, and help you to generate more online enquiries.

Simply-Digital Online Marketing in Exeter

At Simply-Digital Exeter we create Individual fully bespoke websites, meaning that each and every one is built to your exact requirements, and will be built using search Engine friendly HTML code, or a WordPress platform, give us a call today or contact us using our contact form.

Website design in Exeter

Many of our clients come to us because their present website is not getting enough traffic to drive enquiries to their business. We will listen while you explain your requirements and then explain how our SEO packages can help you, over time, to build more Internet traffic and generate new enquiries. We undertake all the on-website work necessary to account for the recent Google algorithm changes, and then start the off-site work needed to lift your website above your main competitors’, for an informal chat about what we can offer your business at very affordable prices.

What may come as a nice surprise however, is that our websites are designed, copy written, photo sourced, coded and uploaded from only £399 + VAT. Meaning we offer the best value for money online services in Exeter. Why not visit our impressive portfolio of websites we have designed and see why our clients are happy to recommend us to friends and relatives. Please use this link to request a free no obligation quotation.

Search Engine Optimization

about SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the term used for gaining the highest possible rankings with all the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. At Simply-Digital we use advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to help make your website appear on the first page of Google search, so when people search for specific words or key phrases, such as 'plumber in Poole' they can find your business. Why not check out our position on Google by searching 'SEO Exeter' then look just below the adverts, on the natural listings to see a direct link to our website.


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